1 jun. 2012

Moebius 1938 - 2012: Collective Tribute book

Now on sale!
Contact to buy: Damidante@hotmail.com

40 pages full of illustrations in tribute to the "Master" by the hand of the following authors:
Akeno Omokoto, Francis Porcel, Jordi Solano, Cesar Sebastián, Gabor, Montse Martín
Rafa Vargas, Danide, Rubén Pellejero, Javier Hernández, Jordi Lafebre, Martín Pardo, 
David Morancho, Perditah, Kenny Ruiz, Franzis Portela, Oriol Hernández, Carlos NCT, 
Sauri, Aureo Lorenzo, Javi Rey, Juan Sanmiguel, El Ángel Onicófago, 
Pedro j. Colombo y Aintzane, Julen Ribas, Paco Zarco, Óscar Doménech, Adrián_FD,
Alerto Muriel, Sagar, DGV, Alberto Madrigal, Pau, Tony Fejzula, Miguel Hernández y Dogjausreily

Prize: 6€ aprox 7'44$

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