16 sept. 2011

Sainte Trinité

Painter 11 & Photoshop CS4 over a old draw

Painter 11 & Photoshop CS4 sur un vieux dessin

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  1. i wish i can work on painter one day !!
    Very interesting software
    Your work is impressive, as always :)

  2. Before, a couple of years, I used more the painter, in fact in this case I've used very little, only for some textures and some details, the rest is all photoshop practically.

    Everything is trying, the painter isn't very friendly, but once you understand how it works is incredibly simple and practical.

    Really thanks Jonathan!

  3. genio akeno, no me voy a cansar de repetirtelo, me inspiras mucho.

  4. Muchas gracias Christian! me alegra que te inspire tanto mi trabajo :)

  5. Uoah !!! My dear Great and very impressive sugoiiiii desune ;)


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