16 jun. 2011

Ometochtli: The Aztec God of drunkenness - Making off

Here in Megaupload if you want to see in HD 720p without decompressing

Dedicado a Ruben por su generosidad en mi iMac project

Ici, en Megaupload si vous voulez voir en HD 720p sans décompression

Dédié à Ruben pour sa générosité à mon projet iMac

7 comentarios:

  1. Eres un monstruo! Gracias por el curro que te has tomado. Ánimo y espero que pronto tengas suficiente para el Mac. Generoso!

  2. Rubén: Gracias a ti por el apoyo y los animos :)

    Bruno: Brigado rapaz! é uma honra que você gostase deste trabalho :)

  3. Hey Dude!

    Thx for the comments. As i see it on the video you work on Imac material right now ain't you? your Imac project succeded in such a quick time? if so congrats man!

    Anyway this Ometochtli vision is personal and reaally amazing, and you know i love the theme.
    Thx for sharing the process.

  4. Hahahaha no I use Hackintosh since 3 years ago becouse my computer works 10 times slower with Windows, but isn't an iMac :)
    The iMac is slow project, among other things that now I have an inflammation of the tendon of my left arm that now I try to heal.

    Really thanks for your apreciatión about my vision of Ometochtli dude!

  5. que generoso de tu parte subir este video. Mil gracias. increible trabajo.

  6. Ha sido un placer Christian :) muchas gracias!


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