24 abr. 2011


what will can happen in this webcomic the artist & writer wouldn't knows beyond the first two pages ...  Empirical experiment with the sole purpose of practicing & improving narrative, composition, pagination, fluency, etc. 
We wait, at least, be curious and entertaining.

Lo que puede suceder en este webcomic ni el artista ni el escritor lo saben más allá de las dos primeras páginas ... un experimento empírico con el único propósito de practicar y mejorar la narrativa, la composición, la paginación, la fluidez, etc.
 Esperamos, al menos, ser curiosos y entretenidos.

4 comentarios:

  1. there's no link between your last post , but I needed to let you know that I'm a real fan of your entire work ,all is so good and it increases everytime I take look on your work , my motivation and my consideration of art in general . there is a singular percent of dude like you , keep up man that's so cool !

  2. Million thanks for your compliments, really, really touched me your comments! I don't believe that my work is as good as you say, need to improve a lot, but is thankful that someone with your level think this way about my work.

    truly honored dude!

  3. Y digo yo, cual es el "empirismo" de tal esperimento. Mucha suerte con el. Apertas


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